Smile Designing

Smile designing is truly a work of art. The term smile design applies to the enhancement of a smile using a combination of methods.The eyes, lips, gums and face of the individual are considered when a smile is designed. A sparkling, confident smile gives a wonderful boost to your social and professional life.

Clear Braces

Clear Braces

Ceramic braces use brackets that are tooth-colored, making it less noticeable to others that you are wearing braces. The brackets are also built to resist stains, making them blend with your natural tooth-color for the duration of treatment. This can ultimately lead to beautiful results in a relatively brief amount of time.

Dental Jewellery

Teeth jewellery is a brilliant way to add sparkles to your smile and stand out in the crowd.
Skyce ( teeth jewellery ) is certified in the E. U. and is fixed on the outer surface of the upper anterior teeth.
The procedure is painless and non-invasive with no drilling involved.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that replaces a tooth’s damaged or infected pulp with a filling. The pulp consists of specialised dental cells, blood vessels, tissue fibres and some nerve fibres located in the hollow space in the central part of the tooth.

Friday, 15 December 2017

We Pride Ourselves On Providing Holistic Care To All Our Patients

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Who doesn't like cakes and sweets? Sweeter and yummier every time. I probably like them but do you know it can be harmful sometimes. Our dental care relates to our diet. Many people don't realize that the effects generated by the food they eat can continue on long after the time it is originally consumed. As the famous saying, says "Prevention is better than cure" so we should definitely take care of our teeth by taking proper diet before they get yellower and stained. There are some people who didn't care in the past and now any diet doesn't work for them. Looking in the mirror and seeing darker and stained teeth can hurt from inside. It results in losing confidence while talking. Don't worry beautiful people! Solutions aren’t impossible. Teeth whitening treatment would definitely work for you.

Surface stains and internal discoloration.
  • Natural aging process
  • Using tobacco (smoked or chewed), drinking coffee, tea, Colas or red wine, and eating pigmented foods such as Cherries and blueberries 
  • Treatment with the antibiotic tetracycline during childhood. 
Why teeth whitening is important?
  • To boost your confidence which comes with a great smile. 
  • For a younger look. 
  • To prevent yellow and stained teeth for an event such as wedding, job interview and reunion 
  • For making a positive impression on someone every time. How teeth whitening works? 
The treatment is carried out by a Cosmetic dentist. There are a variety of treatments for tooth whitening but the doctors at Altamash Dental Clinic will choose the best treatment for you among all. Most treatments involve shining a laser beam of light onto the bleaching gel which has been applied to the teeth to speed up the whitening process. Our state-of-the-art power bleaching system will make your teeth whiter in less than 1 hour. Another option is our home bleaching system which you take home with you for results in 2 weeks. You can also consider a combination program of both systems for optimal, long term results. Bleaching is the simplest way to brighten your smile. For more details visit us

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Legacy of Excellence

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It’s often the same questions that every service provider is probed to answer

Why you? What is it that you have to offer and what makes you a better choice amongst all others? These questions you might want to ask as well...

Altamash Dental Clinic has gained immense popularity and it is considered to be the best by far.

After all these years and many competitors, Altamash Clinic has proved to be the top dental service provider by adopting a simple formula, and it is that “we value our people”. Our prime objective is to look after our valued clients. We never compromise on the quality of dentistry that we promise to offer. Our services are timely and most satisfactory!

We have an organized system and a diligent team that comprises of dental experts in every field. Our clinic is headed by Dr.Mohammad Altamash, followed by Dr.Shaheena Altamash, Dr.Murad Altamash, Dr.Sara Altamash and Dr.Imad Altamash.

Altamash Dental Clinic houses state of the art dental equipment and top of the line machinery, which enable our highly skilled team to practice premium quality dental treatment.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Altamash Dental Clinic - Where Smiles come Alive

Everybody wants to look dazzling. To have the most flawless dresses and wear the trendiest piece of jewelry is the deepest wish of everybody. Hence, the essential need that everyone tries to satisfy is to look at its best. It is human nature to aspire for an impeccable look.

A smile is one of the most liberal presents of the Almighty. A smile can do wonders. For that reason, an impeccable smile is of most extreme significance. The field of dentistry has undoubtedly made huge leaps in the field of aesthetics, stressing on the need for having a perfect set of teeth.

Altamash Dental Clinic endeavors to offer the best aesthetic services in the field of dentistry. Ranging from the orthodontics to veneers, Altamash Dental Clinic strives to offer all that it can to make your teeth look perfect. For more information visit us at

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Trusted, Comfortable and Affordable Dental Care

Regular maintenance is always needed in everything; what would happen if a room is never decorated or furniture once made is never cleaned or polished, carpets and rugs never brushed and a person does not take a bath even once in a week? Things would get spoiled, smelly, soiled and filled with bugs and creepy crawlies and the same will happen with the person who has not cleaned himself.

In the same manner, teeth and gums also need to be cleaned properly and pampered in order to maintain oral hygiene and health. Altamash Dental Clinic excels in professional dental cleaning, their dentists are completely trained and experts at spotting out the teeth and gum problems after carrying out a thorough inspection of all the teeth and repairing them.

Professional dental cleaning is important; most of the people take care of their teeth, keep them clean and brush regularly but still bacteria accumulate and grow in them that can only be removed by a dentist. Professionals at Altamash Dental Clinic take care of a patient's health by relieving them from gum disease that are as dangerous as heart disease or cancer.

When the bacteria's start to grow in the mouth several dental problems can occur including;
  • Plaque which if not removed destroys teeth by producing an acid and in worst conditions develops calculus or tartar attracting more harmful bacteria's.
  • Gingivitis caused by bacteria's causing inflammation, swelling and redness in the gums. This can also cause bleeding while brushing or biting solid meals.
  • Periodontal Disease, destroying the bones which lay the foundation of teeth. If left untreated, Periodontal Disease can loosen teeth and they all may fall out. This disease is irreversible and hence the loss cannot be compensated.
Professional dental cleaning is important to have healthy gums and teeth and Altamash Dental Clinic does it with skill, professionalism and expertise.

Visit Altamash and hear your teeth saying thank you to you in the years to come!!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Get a Better Smile with Dental Implants

A dental implant is a procedure to place an artificial tooth in your jaw to hold a replacement or a bridge. They are opted by people when a tooth or some teeth are missing. They can be used to replace one tooth or all of the teeth. Dental implants have many benefits.

● You can smile properly in public. You don’t need to stay at home and hide your teeth in your mouth. After a tooth replacement, you can smile freely and enjoy your life without worrying about your teeth.
● After a dental implant, you can get the beauty of your face back. A face without teeth looks sad and ugly. Dental implants help you get your face back.
● It allows you to eat your favorite foods. You can eat whatever you want to eat and experience the taste of your desired desserts. You are not restricted to eat candies or any type of chocolates.
● Some people don’t speak because of the loss of their teeth. Dental implants help people gain the confidence to talk in public.
● Your teeth will be free from cavities. A tooth replacement will not cause any cavities to occur in your mouth. You will be free from cavities but you will have to visit your dentist according to your schedule for cleaning.
● Dentures in your mouth can cause problems for you such as it can slip when you talk or sneeze. It has happened several times that people are talking or eating and their dentures slip away. This is not the case with dental implants where your teeth are perfectly fixed in your mouth and you can talk, eat, laugh and yawn properly in public.

A dental implant is nothing to worry about. After the treatment doctors prescribe some pain relievers to the patient so that their pain is reduced. At Altamash clinic, we have experienced doctors who will give your mouth a different look after tooth replacement and you will be free to use your teeth anyway you like.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Let our orthodontic specialists help you to smile with confidence

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You want to set them right, yet let no one know about it; you want them perfect yet not to reveal the process. In the world of orthodontic treatment, if these are your aspirations then Invisalign is the best option for you!

Invisalign helps you get straighter teeth in a modest, simple and effective manner. Although Invisalign has its benefits, the process may take longer than traditional braces. Invisalign treatment includes customized aligners which are worn 21 hours a day and removed only while eating or drinking. However metal braces, clear braces, lingual braces and rubber bands etc. offer a variety of benefits as well and the Orthodontist decides what is the best suitable option.

Altamash Dental Clinic offers you cosmetic dental treatment with the most notable techniques, innovative solutions, state of the art equipment and unmatchable skills of the dentists and surgeons. Altamash Dental Clinic specializes in dealing with adults and children. Altamash Dental Clinic's customized ambiance and customer centric environment has been made with an idea to empower each and every patient/ client with the choice of treatment, duration and all pertinent information.

It is a very aptly said that “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!” Orthodontic treatment has done these wonders for the world. Altamash Dental Clinic promises you the same.

Friday, 6 October 2017

A Solution for Missing Tooth

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Does your smile make you conscious because of a missing tooth? We can understand the feeling of losing a tooth and how uncomfortable it must make you feel...

Tooth loss can be associated with a lot of factors ranging from infection to crooked growth to simply an accidental loss. Hence, we at Altamash Dental Clinic understand the physically and psychologically painful process that you go through and offer you the a solution of a tooth implant. Our expert surgeons and dentist ensure that the process you undergo is hassle free and take care of your missing tooth forever.

Altamash Dental Clinic has offered tooth implants for decades and has been continuously improving the process of implantation with better and innovative solutions. Tooth implantation requires precision in its minute details. Hence, to offer our clients with the best implantation services we at Altamash have housed state of the art equipment to help facilitate the process.

We inform our patients about every step of the process and hence offer the most flexible solutions to them ensuring a safe, trustworthy and comfortable environment for them. Altamash Dental Clinic creates leading standards of aesthetics and hygiene for the dental industry in Pakistan hence our procedures and methodologies adopted are certified internationally as acceptable and satisfactory. The services that we offer at Altamash Dental Clinic are incomparable to any service provider in the country.

It is our aim at Altamash Dental Clinic that no patient leaves our facility without the smile that he or she deserves. It is our firm belief that it is the smiles and prayers of our clientele that has led to the success of Altamash!


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